ChatPoint brings the instant connectivity of in-browser chat clients that your users are used to and familiar with on sites such as Facebook and Gmail right into SharePoint. ChatPoint allows your users to instantly connect, one-to-one, right within the context of SharePoint and converse and receive updates in real-time.

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TeamPoint takes collaboration in SharePoint to the next level by changing SharePoint from a work space to a work stream. It integrates with your SharePoint work space and all of its contents into a real-time, multi-user work stream where you can instantly communicate with your team, see the status of tasks and documents, and collaborate more effectively.

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While TeamPoint puts you in the game and provides a fast-paced environment for real-time communication and collaboration, TeamPoint Dashboards lets you see all of the action from the stands. TeamPoint Dashboards is the ideal way to keep your finger on the pulse of multiple, concurrent workstreams with live, real-time updates to a unified dashboard.

Instead of jumping around from site-to-site, page-to-page, list-to-list searching for the status of your projects, you can monitor them all with the same real-time technology that TeamPoint is built upon for unparalleled visibility into the status of your workstreams.

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DropPoint delivers on the potential of The Cloud while still allowing enterprises to maintain strict control over your content. It connects your SharePoint farm to any SharePoint farm in the world and allows controlled, near real-time synchronization of content and data across Windows Azure Service Bus. This allows distributed entities, partners, and teams to work with data and content in one farm, and synchronize it to another farm. Whether it’s behind 1 firewall or 10, DropPoint enables a pub-sub model of content distribution without the fuss.

With the optional Adlib adapter, businesses can also pre-render content into secure PDFs before publishing content to distributed repositories.

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