at a glance

ChatPoint is a light-weight, real-time, web-based chat client for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

It’s designed to help teams communicate in real-time on the SharePoint platform.

  • Lightweight, scalable, real-time, web-based chat client for SharePoint 2010
  • Integrates with GameTime to enable real-time notifications when Huddle artifacts are added, updated, or deleted in your workstreams.
  • Installs as a .wsp using our easy-to-use installer wizard
  • Enable on single pages using our web parts
  • Enable site-wide by updating your master page

real-time notifications

When integrated with GameTime, ChatPoint lets you get real-time notifications when your Huddle artifacts change.

Get live updates on the progress of tasks, the availability of documents, and the status of all of the artifacts in your Huddles.

easy to install

ChatPoint is easy to install. All of the necessary artifacts come packaged in a single .wsp solution file that can be installed using the provided PowerShell scripts or using our easy-to-use installer wizard that walks you through the the installation process. No mess, no fuss!

easy to enable

Once installed, ChatPoint is easy to enable and deploy.

ChatPoint can be enabled on individual pages in your SharePoint site by adding the included ChatPoint web part to your SharePoint pages.

It can also be enabled site-wide by modifying your master page to include the required artifacts.

easy to use

ChatPoint has been designed to be unobtrusive. Users familiar with Facebook chat or Google Talk chat will instantly be familiar with the interface and functionality.

We believe that the best tools are the ones that are simple and easy to use.