at a glance

While TeamPoint puts you in the game and provides a fast-paced environment for real-time communication and collaboration, TeamPoint Dashboards lets you see all of the action from the stands. TeamPoint Dashboards is the ideal way to keep your finger on the pulse of multiple, concurrent workstreams with live, real-time updates to a unified dashboard.

Instead of jumping around from site-to-site, page-to-page, list-to-list searching for the status of your projects, you can monitor them all with the same real-time technology that TeamPoint is built upon for unparalleled visibility into the status of your workstreams.

real-time updates

Receive live, real-time updates on project status right in the browser. When a task is completed, you’ll be notified immediately — without cluttering your inbox. You can watch task progress across multiple Huddles from one central dashboard.

Status meetings fly by when you’ve already got your hand on the pulse of your projects.

easy to deploy

Like TeamPoint, TeamPoint Dashboards installs as a set of PowerShell scripts and a single .wsp. Easily install it in minutes and you’re ready to go.

TeamPoint Dashboards was designed to integrate with TeamPoint so you can easily access your Huddles and create customized dashboard views.

integrated metrics

TeamPoint Dashboards takes the same integrated metrics from TeamPoint and lets you view metrics for multiple Huddles, side-by-side.

Easily compare the progress of your teams’ Huddles and visualize contribution from individual team members.

integrated task management

TeamPoint Dashboards lets you manage Huddle tasks across multiple Huddles from one dashboard.

You can reassign tasks, create new tasks, update milestones, move tasks between milstones, and more!

TeamPoint Dashboards gives you unparalleled visibility and access to your project information from a single integrated dashboard.